Adam Shirley

June 2018
Date Title
3rd Living differently1 Peter 4:1-11Adam Shirley
17th Under-shepherds1 Peter 5:1-5Adam Shirley
July 2018
Date Title
1st Running from GodJonah 1:1-17Adam Shirley
8th God's rescueJonah 2:1-10Adam Shirley
15th God's second chanceJonah 3:1-10Adam Shirley
22nd Angered by graceJonah 4:1-11Adam Shirley
September 2018
Date Title
9th God said, and it wasGenesis 1:3-25Adam Shirley
October 2018
Date Title
7th Human beings in God's worldGenesis 2:4-25Adam Shirley
21st Living under the curseGenesis 3:14-24Adam Shirley
November 2018
Date Title
11th They lived and diedGenesis 5:1-32Adam Shirley
18th God's grief over sinGenesis 6:1-8Adam Shirley
December 2018
Date Title
2nd A promise not believedLuke 1:1-25Adam Shirley
January 2019
Date Title
27th Kingdom blessingsMatthew 5:1-12Adam Shirley
February 2019
Date Title
10th Christ's high standardsMatthew 5:17-26Adam Shirley
24th Christ's law of loveMatthew 5:38-48Adam Shirley
March 2019
Date Title
3rd Christ's worship revolutionMatthew 6:1-18Adam Shirley
24th Dare to askMatthew 7:7-12Adam Shirley
October 2019
Date Title
13th Darkness destroyerMatthew 8:28-34Adam Shirley
27th Eating with sinnersMatthew 9:9-13Adam Shirley
November 2019
Date Title
10th Dead raised to lifeMatthew 9:18-26Adam Shirley
24th Go and tellMatthew 9:35-10:7Adam Shirley
December 2019
Date Title
8th ImmanuelMatthew 1:18-25Adam Shirley
22nd Escape to EgyptMatthew 2:13-18Adam Shirley
25th Christmas Day Family ServiceAdam Shirley
January 2020
Date Title
19th Springs in the desertIsaiah 41:1-20Adam Shirley
February 2020
Date Title
9th God's power in us2 Peter 1:1-11Adam Shirley
23rd False teachers within2 Peter 2:1-22Adam Shirley
March 2020
Date Title
8th Living in the truth2 Peter 3:14-18Adam Shirley
22nd Punished for usIsaiah 53:1-6Adam Shirley
April 2020
Date Title
5th The King comesLuke 19:28-48Adam Shirley
9th Maundy Thursday CommunionAdam Shirley
10th Good Friday ReflectionsLuke 22:54-23:56Adam Shirley
12th The King is aliveLuke 24:1-49Adam Shirley