There will be a Sunday morning service at 10.30am.

All other events and activities are now cancelled until further notice.

They will reopen when it is safe.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 30th 10:00am

Acorns Story on Facebook this week-The House on the Rock

Wednesday 30th 3:30pm

Acorns Story on Facebook-Wed 30 Sept- The house on the rock (Luke 6: 47-49)

Wednesday 30th 3:30pm

Acorns story- coming soon to this website if you can't access it on Facebook!

Wednesday 7th 3:45pm

Acorns story- 7 Oct-The precious pearl (Matthew 13: 44-46)

Wednesday 14th 3:45pm

Acorns story- 14 Oct-The good stranger (Luke 10:30-37) Are you a good friend?